Scientific Magic: Invisibility

Invisibility has influenced mankind in many mythological stories and fairy tales. In Greek mythology, Hades, the king of the underworld, owned the “Cap of Invisibility” which can make the wearer invisible. Also Athena, Hermes and Perseus used this cap in order to fight the Titans. Plato discussed invisibility with The Ring of Gyges, in his […]

What is Crowdfunding?

Internet sharing heads the list of the most important concepts that add to the life of the Internet. This feature, which is defined as an “open source” application, is of great importance for the creativity and development of the software industry, has introduced many sharing services, applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and instant […]

Nazim Hikmet: Poet of Homeland and Love

Nâzım Hikmet Ran (15 January 1902 – 3 June 1963), commonly known as Nâzım Hikmet was a Turkish poet, playwright, novelist, screenwriter, director and memoirist. He was acclaimed for the “lyrical flow of his statements”.[2] Described as a “romantic communist” and “romantic revolutionary”, he was repeatedly arrested for his political beliefs and spent much of his adult life in prison or in […]

How GE Became a Giant

Genius is largely the result of hard work, rather than an inspired flash of insight. Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration – Thomas Edison For more than 120 years, General Electric, whose practices never reflected it’s founder’s words, has been a leader in the business world. GENERAL ELECTRIC General Electric (GE) a giant […]

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