I may love seven billion people
I thought we are in a room
but this loneliness is temporary
soon you would turn into 7 billion people
without skipping a single person
don’t stare at me like that
you do that always
how beautiful would be your smell
the wind carries it on its back
and a gypsy carries it in her basket

I hug all of you when hugging you
when kissing you I kiss all of you
loving you means loving 7 billion people

I open the window we look at the yard
with 7 billion double eyes
-I like that
it’s been a long time we’re looking at the world
 from the door holes-
no doubt trees in the yards would look at us
with their leaves -they’d done it before-
oh god. imagine my dear fish
I hug you that means 
7 billion people hug each other

but all of it doesn’t take so long
first you will disappear millions and millions
then I’ll hate people
because soon a seagull will report us

november 2013 budapest

Author: Yasin Ertas

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