Tree Brotherhoods

Last Sunday, Nov. 11th, I run 10km in the Istanbul marathon for a charity. I run for TEMA, the Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats. Turkey is a beautiful country but its natural assets continue to be destroyed due to increased population, disorganized urbanization and industrialization. 

TEMA believes that a very significant and effective way to alleviate this destruction and pressure is to raise generations that love and respect nature through education and experience. However, In spite of this fact, children have less and less contact with nature and their bonds with the nature continue to weaken due to increased urbanization. 
With the “TREE BROTHERHOOD” Reforestation and Nature Education for Children project, TEMA aims to support and nurture children’s love of nature through education and experience. Our goal is to support 6,000 children in nature education and plant 12,000 trees. Each donation of TL 100 /$22 will ensure that:

• One child participates in the nature education program for a term of one year and will grow their own young tree using seeds from their local area, 
• One tree is planted in “Adım Adım‐Children’s Memorial Forests” to be created in the forest areas allocated by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs to TEMA near Edirne.
• Every month the children will learn a new lesson – sometimes in the classroom, sometimes in nature. 
• After a few months, they will be given their seed in a pot to grow into a seedling. 
• Next November, they will have a chance to plant their seedlings all together
• While they are growing the seed into a sapling, their love of nature is also growing in their small hearts.
• As a result, the children often get too attached to their little trees and do not want to plant them in the group areas. So in these cases, they have the opportunity to plant them at home or at their schools. 
Also TEMA will be planting a tree for every child in the forest near Edirne
• So this tree and the one that the child grows become ‘TREE BROTHERHOODS’

If you want to support and want to be a part of this project, you can donate from the link below;
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