I may love seven billion peopleI thought we are in a roomalonebut this loneliness is temporarysoon you would turn into 7 billion peoplewithout skipping a single persondon’t stare at me like thatyou do that alwayshow beautiful would be your smellthe wind carries it on its backand a gypsy carries it in her basketI hug all […]


All the ships were sinking,as we walked on the sea.There was a rainbow over head,it was one color, light blue.It must have meant something,A. Rimbaud found the colors of letters;he called o blue, green u.All the taboos were disappearingone by one…As we walked on the sea,our footsteps were appearing,the seagulls were bringing us poems,the clouds […]


any quarter of an hour doesn’t delay me anywhereI like crowded stations when a train runs late or a busI am the only one who doesn’t become angry besides the homelessBut loneliness. loneliness is filled up with rageI know the sky is not minein any talking, my name is never mentioned– It’s understandable-sometimes I used to exist, […]

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